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To the extent that the information on this website is construed as legal advertising, the attorney responsible for the legal advertisement on this website, including on the home page, bankruptcy law page, personal injury law page, real estate law page, and business law page, is Mark Aalam. Attorney Mark Aalam is an experienced San Diego attorney who specializes in both personal injury law and bankruptcy law. Attorney Mark Aalam is both an Of Counsel attorney to Injury Law Group, where he fulfills his passion of helping injured victims and their families obtain justice in personal injury claims, and he is the managing attorney and owner of Bankruptcy Legal Center, which provides legal representation to borrowers who need to get out of debt and alleviate creditor harassment. You can read more about attorney Mark Aalam by going to, where you'll find information about Mark, his qualifications, his experience, and what his clients have to say about him.

Attorney Mark Aalam further provides the following legal disclosure: Some, but not all, of the pages on this website contain legal advertisement. Specifically, the home page, bankruptcy law subpage, personal injury law subpage, and the seventh paragraph of the business law subpage, contain legal advertisement. The real estate law page, and all paragraphs except the seventh paragraph of the business law subpage, do not constitute legal advertisement by Mark Aalam, the creator of this website. The attorneys and law firms listed on the real estate law and business law sub pages are listed on those pages because Mark Aalam, in his opinion, believes them to be dedicated and reputable lawyers. Mark Aalam makes no representation, express or implied, as to the nature or quality, or any other aspect, of their services.

Legal Disclaimer: The information on this website is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website or associated pages should be taken or construed as legal advice. The listing of the attorneys and law firms on this website does not imply that they are affiliated with one another.

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